Northern Lights by Boat

Starting from: Reykjavík
Season: All year
Duration: 6 hours

Hunting the Northern Lights from the ocean is an amazing experience; sailing away from the coastline of Reykjavik and seeing the aurora borealis out on the North-Atlantic ocean with beautiful mountains and the city lights in the background is something you won't forget! 

Unconfined by roadways, in only 15-30 minutes we will be on a prime location away from the city lights, perfect for viewing the auroras! Overalls provided on-board that will keep you nice and warm out on the deck, listening to what the guide has to say about the lovely colours dancing in the sky. Throughout the tour we show our very own original Northern Lights video, full of interesting facts and folklore! If there are no sightings you will get another ticket to join us on the next available day.


- Guided boat tour
- Warm overalls
- Wireless internet on board

There are toilets on board.

To bring:

- Multi-layered warm clothing appropriate for the weather (base non-cotton layer, fleece or wool mid-layer, wind/waterproof jacket and pants)
- Warm and preferably waterproof
- Cap and gloves