Snaefellsjokull Northern Lights

Starting from: Snæfellsjökull base (intersection of Road 574 and 575)
Season: 15th Sep-31st Mar
Duration: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: 2/5 (easy, but good fitness and mobility is necessary)

Depending on the weather, this tour is either a Northern Lights hunt or an All Weather Tour.

If the conditions are right for the Aurora - clear skies and some sun activity, you get the chance to see the Northern Lights from Snæfellsjokull, which offers some of the best viewing conditions in Iceland. If conditions are not suitable for watching the Aurora, we go up to a dome tent up on the mountain, where we get to taste Icelandic snacks and beverages.


From the meeting point, we go with a snowcat up to Eysteinsdalur. We will then drive around and try to find a spot somewhere in the mountains around or on Snæfellsjökull glacier to catch a glimpse of Aurora Borealis.

If the conditions are not suitable for seeing the Aurora, you will visit a mountain dome tent where you will taste traditional Icelandic snacks and beverages. There are really powerful lights on the snowcat to light up the surroundings on the way there, which creates a true, beautiful wilderness experience high up in the dark mountains.
On the snowcat, you can travel even on a blizzard, and get to experience of Iceland's wild weather close to a glacier.


- Guided Northern Lights hunt on a snowcat when conditions are good for Aurora viewing
- Guided trip on a snowcat through the dark mountains when the conditions are not good for Aurora, where you'll get to taste traditional Icelandic snacks and beverages

To bring:

- Multi-layered warm clothing appropriate for the weather (base non-cotton layer, fleece or wool mid-layer, wind/waterproof jacket and pants)
- Hiking boots
- Cap and gloves
- Don't forget your camera!